College UMC is made up of people from various backgrounds and experiences and we all need God's presence every day.  We believe that no matter how long you've been searching for God, he still cares about you and wants you to know him.  Whether you are a lifelong church attender or brand new and have never been regularly in a church, you are welcome here! 

Our Mission


"Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World"


Our world begins with our neighbors and our community.  We believe that Jesus calls us to be His presence to those around us and to make disciples through the church. 


Our worldwide mission is extended beyond our community by our support of the United Methodist Church.  To understand more about what we are doing for others in the name of Jesus worldwide go to www.UMC.org

Our Vision


"We envision a faith community that passionately follows Jesus Christ by being spiritually centered and outwardly focused."

In other words,

"Reaching up to God and out to people"

Growing as a follower of Christ is a lifelong journey.  We encourage people on their own spiritual pathway


Know Christ

Grow in Christ

Serve Christ

Share Christ


We seek to engage our congregation in these four areas through Connect Classes, spiritual practices, and serving in ministry! 

We also strive to be focused beyond our walls into our community to build relationships with our neighbors and make a difference.  This church was founded on the needs of our community and continues to serve others.

Our Values


Our Core Values give direction to what we do as a church. 


We Value:

Relationship with God

Grace and Acceptance of Others




These values are built into our vision for College UMC and guide us as we move ahead into our future.


Our Beliefs


We are a church of open minds, open hearts, and open doors, so if you have questions about faith we welcome you.  Questions in our faith can lead to better understanding and we all have questions.  Just know that it is a natural part of our journey.    For more on beliefs of the United Methodist Church, go to: 



As United Methodists, we share a common heritage with all Christians in that we believe:

In God as the Trinity - three persons in one - God the Father, God the Son in Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit.

In God as our creator and our sustainer and still present in the world.

In God with a love for all of creation and all of us as people.

In salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

In the Church as the extension of the life and ministry of Christ in the world today.

In the Bible as God's word and the primary authority for our faith .


Our Wesleyan heritage:  As a founder of the Methodist movement, John Wesley and his followers emphasized several key areas of the Christian faith based on scripture.


God's Grace - God's love and mercy given to  us  as a gift not because we have earned it, but because he wants us to have it.  


Faith and Good Works -  What we believe must be confirmed in what we do.  Our salvation is not determined by works,  but must be expressed in ministry  and mission to the world.


Mission and Service - Because of what God has done for us, we offer our lives back to God through a life of service.


Nurture and Mission of the Church -  We are both a nurturing and a servant church.   This means that we come together to grow as Christians by serving others and we also  remain focused on the mission of the church  to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.